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Planning Gridexpander

The office floors are designed on a 1.5m planning module with a 9m x 12m structural grid generally (with local variation to 7.5m in some areas).

Generally 1 person / 8 sq m
Sanitary provision 1 person / 8* sq m, 50:50 male/female (or 60:60 male / female with additional toilets if required) *(requires additional cubicles on Levels 3 and 9 in 11 Canal Reach and level 9 in 21 Canal Reach)
Means of escape 1 person / 6 sq m
Internal climate 1 person / 8 sq m
Lift provision 1 person / 8 sq m
Ceiling heightsexpander
Floor to ceiling 3.125m typical office floor to underside of concrete soffit
Slab to slab 3.9m typical office floor
Ground floor reception areas 7.8m double height reception areas
Raised floor zoneexpander

Overall depth 450mm with displacement ventilation
(including tile)

Floor Loadingsexpander
Offices 2.5 kN/sq m for open plan, plus 1.0 kN/sq m for partitions and approx. 10% of floor areas imposed load of 7.5 kN/sq m
Office storage 7.5 kN/sq m

High performance double glazed sealed units with brise soleil and solar coating, where necessary


Air Conditioningexpander

Under floor displacement ventilation system with perimeter trench heating.

Fresh Air Supplyexpander

Fresh air supply minimum of 1.6/l/s/sq m provided by displacement system in office areas.

Internal Conditions – design parametersexpander
Internal office conditions 19 to 25°C
Building Management Systemexpander

A BMS system will control the mechanical air handling units, heating and cooling plant.

Open plan office NR 38
Tenant Risersexpander

Provision is made within the risers for tenant plant connectivity.

Tenant Plant Spaceexpander

Tenant plant space is available in the west plant areas at grade, level 1 and roof level.

Fire Safety Systemexpander

Sprinkler protection and an automatic response system will be provided, designed for phased evacuation of the occupants.

Electrical Servicesexpander
Lighting 8W/sq m
Small Power 15W/sq m
Additional Capacity 10W/sq m (busbar capacity)
Standby power One 650 kVA Landlord Generator (back-up for life safety systems only)
Tenant Generator Space for tenant installation of standby generation
Office Lighting 400 lux generally at desk level – LG7 compliant
Lighting Controls Daylight responsive energy saving controls
Core Lighting High efficiency LED lighting



Exposed concrete frame, columns with bonded post tensioned concrete floor slabs. Cores are also concrete frame.


Unitised façade system with spandrel panels, steel framing, over-cladding and metal external brise soleil.

Roof and Terracesexpander

The roof gardens and terraces are bio-diverse and will form an important contribution to the King’s Cross ‘Living Landscape’
masterplan. Both have areas of natural planting, feature lighting, large expanses of hardwood timber decking, seating and lawns.


Walls A mix of bespoke timber framing, back-painted glazed panels, acoustic fabric infill panels and polished concrete columns.
Floor Polished concrete floor with entrance matting.
Ceiling Exposed concrete soffit with integrated feature service raft and exposed services. Feature pendant light fittings.
Doors Fully glazed revolving doors with glass hinged side doors.
Internal doors Flush solid core pre-finished painted door leafs with solid hardwood lippings and doors integral to match wall finishes.
Reception Desk High quality bespoke reception desk with integrated features and polished white concrete finish
Lift lobbiesexpander

Floors Porcelain tiles
Walls Exposed concrete fins, back-painted glass to risers and PPC lift frontage with clear glass infills (back-painted glass on GF, 1st and 2nd floors).
Ceilings Plasterboard ceiling with integrated
strip lights.
Passenger Liftsexpander
Walls Back-painted glass, aluminium and feature windows to atrium lifts.
Floors Porcelain tiles to match lobbies.
Doors PPC solid door.
Ceilings Painted metal with recessed LED lights.
Walls Painted plasterboard, ceramic tiles and mirror above vanity units.
Floors Porcelain tiles.
Doors Timber veneered solid core flush doors.
Cubicles Back painted glass behind WC with timber veneered solid panel wall to side and door.
Vanity Concrete vanity unit with integrated ceramic wash bowls.
Taps Satin brushed stainless steel surface
mounted mixer tap.

Ceilings Exposed concrete with bespoke
services raft.

Vertical Transportationexpander
Passenger lifts Destination control lifts
7 no. in 11 Canal Reach
5 no. in 21 Canal Reach
Goods lifts 3 no. 3150mm x 2200mm x 2400mm (one for each building and an additional shared).
Fire fighting lifts One goods lift in each main core doubles as a fire fighting lift.
Car Two disabled spaces per building
Cycle 11 Canal Reach = 429
21 Canal Reach = 309
Shower facilitiesexpander
11 Canal Reach 26 male showers
257 male lockers
18 female showers
172 female lockers
21 Canal Reach 19 male showers
185 male lockers
12 female showers
124 female lockers
Kitchen/Tea point provisionexpander

There are capped services to allow for a kitchenette/ tea-point for each standard tenancy. There is also additional riser provision for a limited amount of ventilation to larger future tenant kitchens.



Sustainability has been central to the development of the King’s Cross masterplan. This is sustainability in the widest sense of the word, environmentally, socially and economically.
From its inception 11-21 Canal Reach has looked to follow these principles and has a brief requirement of BREEAM 2014 ‘Excellent’, whilst targeting a rating of ‘Outstanding’ (assuming an appropriate standard of tenant fit-out).


Central to the design of 11-21 Canal Reach has been the inclusion of external terraces and roof gardens on level nine (21 Canal Reach) and ten (11 Canal Reach) with spectacular and far reaching views to the west and east. These terraces and gardens are ideal for hosting large functions. The roof levels at the most southern and northern elements of the building are green / brown roofs.

Environmental Design Featuresexpander

Passive design principles to minimise energy consumption provide high quality space and reduce reliance on systems both now and in the future.
The buildings will include a l.4MW fuel cell providing electricity and heat with extremely low emissions


Extensive rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling reduces demand for treated mains water. The building uses ‘low flow’ fittings and techniques to further reduce water consumption.


The King’s Cross St Pancras transport hub brings excellent connections to public transport networks.
Cycling has been encouraged by the provision of 738 secure cycle racks (309 for 21 Canal Reach, 429 for 11 Canal Reach) along with dedicated showers and changing facilities.

Building Systemsexpander

• The building benefits from connection to the CHP driven site wide hot water, power and cooling distribution networks.
• Highly efficient mechanical systems using heat recovery, free and indirect evaporative cooling, and night cooling to reduce energy demand.
• High efficiency lighting with daylight and occupancy intelligent digital controls.
• Simple efficient plan arrangement which minimises blank façades and maximises natural light penetration and views out.
• Future proofing through adaptable flexible design, able to cope with changes to working practices.
• Consideration to building orientation, and modelling to provide natural solar shading and maximise views out.
• Integrated external planting and terrace spaces provide natural solar shading from planting and promote biodiversity and wellbeing.
• The thermal mass of the concrete frame provides daily and seasonal temperature regulation, minimising peak loads.
• The façades provide high levels of natural shading using brise soleil and spandrel panel reveals and over-hangs.
• Optimised glazing ratios (55%/45%) balances good daylight and low heat gains and losses.